Manifest Destiny

The people behind today’s Manifestation Celebration have been traveling with World Wellness Weekend and other fairs around the country, but this event is something different. “One of the big concepts that we’re presenting is the concept of conscious evolution and the fact that as individuals and on a planetary level, we have the ability to consciously choose how we’re going to evolve from this point forward,” explains the celebration’s Rose.

“This is kind of the culmination of what we wanted to do, merging the music with a wellness-type expo,” adds Jared Ingebretson. “We would like to encourage people to create the reality that they wish in our lives, and most of the artists resonate very closely with that. We’ve got our speakers on board and our musical acts, and they are all on the same page with us.”

In addition to the music and the speakers, there will be spoken-word poetry, workshops, live painting, a florist, communal art and much more. Stop by the Lincoln Center, 417 West Magnolia Street in Fort Collins, between noon and midnight; admission is $23.50. Visit for information and a full schedule of events.
Sun., Oct. 19, noon-midnight, 2008


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