When east meets west, it usually results in a clash of creative energy, and that's exactly what's in store for attendees of Saturday night's East Meets West bash at NORAD. Headlining is New York City-born and -bred Manik, who was named on DJ Mag's "Hot to Watch 2011" list and has released tunes on Ovum, Culprit, Poker Flat and Hot Creations. He also collaborated with Burnski on "You Know What It's Like," a track released in April that's been making the rounds in sets across the globe. Manik's groovy mid-tempo sound is woven through a journey that can start out gently -- but don't be beguiled into thinking it'll be a soft landing: He knows how to mix in popular tunes with just the right effects to make sure you're breaking a proper sweat. Justin Sloe and Jimmy Maheras will represent Los Angeles, and Crazy Larry is rounding things off for the East Coast; it all goes down this Saturday, August 11, courtesy of Afterhours Anonymous.
Sat., Aug. 11, 2012


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