High fashion is the norm at the Max Fashion Show.
High fashion is the norm at the Max Fashion Show.

Max-imum Style

FRI, 12/5

It's full speed ahead into spring as the 2003 Max Fashion Show charges onto the catwalk tonight at El Jebel Event Center, 4625 West 50th Avenue. This is an opportunity for the upper echelon of the fashionista community (or those who just want to resemble it) to hobnob as they survey next season's hottest warm-weather wear. Hosted by Max Martinez, proprietor of Max boutiques located everywhere from Cherry Creek North to Aspen, the annual show is an opportunity to introduce his latest looks.

Guests will encounter "anything anyone has seen on the Style Channel," Martinez says. "People can have fun and see some great clothing. It's an evening of celebrating life and making a difference."

Not only does it boast some of the most prominent international designers of the prêt-à-porter culture, whose designs are most often viewed only in the haute seats of Milan or Paris, but proceeds will benefit Volunteers of America's Brandon Center, a metro-area shelter for battered women and their children. Ex-Denverite DJ John Chamié will add to the fun with a kick-off-your-designer-heels dance-a-rama.

"We've been doing these shows for fourteen years; it's just our way of giving back to the community," Martinez says.

Last year's gala completely sold out another venue, so Martinez moved to the larger El Jebel center in hopes of accommodating Denver's hungry couture-seeking masses. Tickets are $35 to $100 and are available in advance by visiting www.voacolorado.org/max-fashion.htm or by calling 303-321-4949. Doors open at 8 p.m., with the chiffon flowing at 9:30 p.m. Get dressy! -- Kity Ironton

Shopping to Give
Stores pitch in to help Project Angel Heart
SAT, 12/6

Sadly, the modern holiday season seems to unleash a wave of collective greed that threatens to overwhelm the old-fashioned promotion of peace and goodwill. So slow down, holiday shoppers: There is a way to balance the extremes, have a happy, capitalistic Christmas and still feel good about yourself when it's over. Today's annual Shopping for Life fundraiser for Project Angel Heart promises at least one opportunity for philanthropic spending this season: Shop at any of the participating retailers, and 10 percent of your purchases will help fund year-round meal-delivery programs for people with HIV/AIDS.Retailers set to take part include the saucy twin gift shops of Miss Talulah's, 1311 22nd Street, and Talulah Jones, 1122 East 17th Avenue; West Side Books, 3434 West 32nd Street; Eve and HUB Clothing in Larimer Square; and several Cherry Creek North shops, such as the craft gallery Show of Hands, 210 Clayton Street, and the Wizard's Chest, 230 Fillmore Street. Give a little, get a lot. For a complete store roster, log on to www.projectangelheart.org. -- Susan Froyd


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