Mega Mash is our browser game of the week

Back in the '80s and '90s, you could almost always snag a value pack of games for cheap. But they usually didn't work well and always included only the worst games you could possibly imagine. Nitrome's Mega Mash takes that idea and runs with it.

The premise is that you're playing a broken cartridge, so regardless of which of the seven games you pick, it will glitch out and you'll get the same experience either way, playing all seven at the same time. Starting with a little bunny, you run through a quick Super Mario like game, then the game breaks, and suddenly you're flying around in a spaceship. Later, you're playing a Bomberman level, then a ninja game.

Mega Mash is our browser game of the week

The controls change depending on which game you're playing and so do the effects of your weapons. In turn, you'll need to combine all these to get through certain sections, say, shoot missiles from your space ship into the bunny level to open up a pathway, or explode a wall in the Bomberman section in order to get access to the ninja part.

It ends up working like a puzzle game, as you need to use the mechanics of each game to get through each part. It gets confusing, but it's incredibly entertaining regardless. If you've ever had the misfortune to actually pick one of the games this is emulating up, you'll enjoy the ridiculousness or the Mega Mash. Even if you haven't, it's a good mix of so many different things any retro game fan will enjoy their time.

Check it out here.

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