Menswear Mondays: Mechanic James Hill on his royal fashion

Menswear Mondays: Mechanic James Hill on his royal fashion

Many people use fashion as a metaphor to express how they feel on a particular day. But sometimes you can display multiple personalities in a single day, switching clothes like job titles. For example, local mechanic James Hill dons a king costume at night after laboring through the day. Continue reading to learn his style mantra, where he shops, and who inspired his look.

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Menswear Mondays: Mechanic James Hill on his royal fashion
All photos by Mauricio Rocha

Name: James Hill.

Spotted at: Argonaut Liquor Store on East Colfax Avenue.

Profession: I'm a mechanic during the day.

Favorite film: I thought the new film World War Z was really well done.

2013 jam: "Power," by Kanye West.

Style inspirations/icons: My style is inspired by the people close to me: my friends and family. My friend is throwing a costume party tonight, so I thought I should dress very regally and kind of make a joke of myself. I don't really take my fashion choices too seriously. I think we should play with fashion more, in general.

Favorite color: Black.

Favorite accessory: My hat -- or crown, tonight.

Style mantra: Never take yourself too seriously. Always have fun with what you're wearing.

Shops at: Everywhere. I bought this hat at the Wizard's Chest. I shop online, too. My gold pants are from American Apparel. I like H&M, TJ Maxx and Macy's. Pretty much if I see something I like, I have to buy it, regardless of where it comes from.

Style analysis: Hill uses fashion to elevate his life from the normal routine into the extraordinary, or even fantastical, at night. He transforms himself into a nocturnal king, complete with gold pants and pompous crown. He wears a formal vest with a bow tie, yet no button-up shirt beneath to provide a fashion safety net. Hill breaks out of the mundane uniform of a mechanic and becomes a symbol for the creative and fun-loving side of Denver nightlife.

Always allow your fashion to symbolize your lifestyle, Denver.

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