Quiet on the set! A Park Hill location decked out as a Boulder Christmasy scene.
Quiet on the set! A Park Hill location decked out as a Boulder Christmasy scene.

Merry Christmastime: Film Shooting in Denver Seeks Mob of Extras

Despite the state's efforts to beef up its movie industry, it's still unusual to see a crew actually filming on location in Denver. And it's even rarer that one of those productions announces it's holding open auditions for scores of extras -- all ages and types, no experience necessary -- to join in the glitz and glamour, the stale coffee and endless takes.

Well, get ready, local thespians, because Christmas comes early this year. Make that Christmastime, a homey, holiday-oriented family feature, directed by Michael Landon Jr., that's shooting around town right now and has sent out a casting call for a hundred-plus extras, with auditions scheduled this Saturday.

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As we reported earlier this week, the project has taken over a house in Park Hill, with equipment trucks and props, including a City of Boulder police car (the script is set in Boulder), parked around the neighborhood. Now comes word that the production needs some warm bodies for a couple of heavily populated crowd scenes.

Auditions are being held on Saturday, November 1, at two locations: AEC Studios, 2828 Speer Boulevard, Suite 140, from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m., and then in Boulder at 3213 Walnut Street, from 2:30 until 6:00 p.m. "This amazing movie needs Colorado's support and has opportunities for plenty of extras," according to a blurb from casting director Brian McCulley.

And will the extras get to party with the fabulously famous? That depends on whether you consider the film's stars -- Christian Kane (Leverage, Secondhand Lions), Marley Shelton (Sin City) and Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters, duh) -- fabulous enough to stand out in the crowd.


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