Mind Over Matter

Two years ago, friends Taylor Gonda and Kevin O’Brien realized that they didn’t just enjoy discussing popular culture, but that they also reveled in the High Fidelity spirit of connecting it to personal experiences. Thus the These Things Matter podcast was born, and Gonda and O’Brien began bringing special guests into their home studio to talk about “pop culture, autobiographically,” covering topics like Caddyshack, Weezer, zombies, R. Crumb and more. Tonight the show celebrates two years and one hundred episodes with a live broadcast, inviting past guests back to talk about songs that, for them, represent singular moments in time. The evening will offer commentary from comedy trio the Grawlix, local musicians Rob Burlson and Fez Garcia, writer Ru Johnson and more.

O’Brien and Gonda believe that part of the reason the podcast is so successful is that they allow guests to guide the themes their own way. “I think what I’ve learned from Kevin and the show is to let go of control a little bit,” says Gonda. “The best shows are when we’re sitting here, talking with a guest and having a good time.” It’s that kitchen-table casualness that makes the podcast so listenable, and tonight’s live experience hopes to replicate that. The These Things Matter anniversary party takes place tonight at the Sidewinder Tavern, 4485 Logan Street. The event is free and open to people ages 21 and up. For more information, visit thesethingsmatterpodcast.com.
Thu., April 24, 8 p.m., 2014


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