Mix It Up

Fulfill your yearning for the sounds of futures past tonight at Explicit Electronica, a showcase for Marcel Peelen’s Music From the Future project, an unapologetic celebration of the synthesizer in all its squelchy, sci-fi-sound-effect glory. “I kind of got the idea from commercials for shows where you’ll see warnings for explicit language or whatever. So it’s kind of in-your-face [electronics],” Peelen explains. “All original, done on synthesizers. A lot of DJs use turntables or laptops and stuff like that. This is the real thing. It’s live performing, and I’ve always done this live.”

The sound of Peelen’s tomorrow-that-never-was is a sequencer-driven, blippy ode to circuits and science that pays homage to a rich, heady blend of retro-futuristic influences such as the groundbreaking synthesized pop of Kraftwerk and the shimmering, pulsing analog workouts of Tangerine Dream’s vintage movie soundtracks. That’s mixed with select elements of rave history, from acid to psy-trance, and set off with a little touch of Emerson, Lake and Palmer’s progressive synth workouts.

The exuberant electronic experimental pop sounds of songstress Singing Cave — aka Kristina Koromzay — will open for this paleofuture soundfest, and Morningstar Lotusbud will paint improvised works inspired by the music, live throughout the night. The show starts at 7 p.m. at Elevation Music Studio, 4447 North Broadway in Boulder; tickets are $10. For more information, visit coloradoburn.ning.com/events/explicit-electronica or e-mail synthman@peakpeak.com.
Sat., Jan. 24, 7 p.m., 2009


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