Moments of Perfection

More often than not, members of the city's art co-ops are not youngsters fresh out of art school, but established artists who've shown their work around here for years. This is true not only of the old-line spots, but also in the case of the newer ones, such as Sliding Door. But none of the co-ops are as chock-full of mid-career artists as Spark Gallery (900 Santa Fe Drive, 720-889-2200), which currently has Joyce Coco's work in the front and Annalee Schorr's in the back. Both have been part of the city's exhibition scene since the 1970s.

Coco's show is called Moments of Perfection, a pretentious title for any exhibition other than a Raphael solo or something like it, and it's certainly not apt for this presentation of uneven abstracts -- though a few of them are pretty good. Previously known for figural abstractions, Coco feels she's found a second wind in abstract expressionism. The change is a good idea, because her strength has always been shocking color combinations, which are more appropriate for this kind of work.


Moments of Perfection

900 Santa Fe Drive


Schorr has also made a switch. Best known for her pop-y pieces about television and politics that juxtaposed images from the news with those from the Shopping Channel, she's now doing systematic pattern drawings, as evidenced by the show title Squares & Squiggles. Done in Sharpie on layered sheets of Mylar, the drawings, such as "Squares & Squiggles" (above), look more like paintings. As unexpected as this radical change might seem, Schorr actually used to do work of this sort back in the '70s and '80s. Using a grid as an overall organizing tool, she fills up the squares with different effects, including scribbled lines, straight lines, curved lines and circles. Partly owing to the transparency of the Mylar and partly due to the juicy Sharpie colors, the Schorrs are luminous and glow under the gallery lights.

Coco and Schorr will be in attendance at "Coffee With the Artists" slated for 1 to 5 p.m. Saturday, April 15, at Spark, with the shows closing immediately after.


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