Monday mind-blowing video: Snow-less snowboarding

Leave it to Europeans to come up with a snowboarding clip that has all the whimsy, artistry, and sheer fun of a Spike Jonze movie: Swiss snowboard clothing company Zimtstern produced a promo for their Winter 09/10 collection that features boarders ripping through terrain with -- get this -- no snow whatsoever.

Shot in snow-less woods near Saas-Fee, the video employs no computer special effects or post-production hijinks (Spike would be proud). Instead, you see top-notch riders busting out righteous tricks in a dreamlike landscape of falling leaves.

If you look out the window today, it doesn't appear we'll have to resort to leaf-shredding anytime soon, but this video almost makes me wish we did. Bring it on, global warming! See a hi-res version at the adventure life.


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