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Moticon SkiGo: Gear you want but don't need

An R2 unit for skiers looking to hone their skills without any of that pesky human interaction, the Moticon SkiGo consists of: A) a computerized brain (pictured above); B) insoles that detect your velocity and position, and thus whether you're making good or bad turns; and C) an earbud that delivers A's advice on improving B to the user's organic brain.

The German-made SkiGo is not only multilingual, but it also features different modes for different terrain and skill levels (beginner to expert). Plus you can get a lesson without anybody knowing -- cool kids do not get ski lessons. (I guess cool kids are usually on snowboards these days.)

The Moticon team is looking to get the SkiGo off the drawing board -- it's yet to hit the mass market -- but until then at least we have this video:


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