Movie Mayhem

The inaugural Denver Indie Fest packs a lot of variety into its three-day run, including low-budget zombie movies, foreign drama, timely documentaries and plenty of homegrown talent. The lineup is a handpicked selection of small-budget and self-financed films from Colorado and the rest of the world, with many of the filmmakers on hand to talk about what they’ve created and what they’re doing next, says festival programmer Derek Stonebarger.

“It’s a unique opportunity for fans to meet actual filmmakers, to come with them to the after-parties, to hang out with them,” he explains. “It’s a good networking event for not just film fans and film directors, but actors and everybody that wants to be in the industry.”

The festival kicks off with a party at 6 p.m. at the Mayan Theatre, 110 Broadway. A screening of Next to My Brother, an Austrian film about twins raised to act as one person, follows. Tomorrow at 9 p.m., the locally made Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer makes its Denver premiere at Su Teatro, 721 Sante Fe Drive, with cast and crew on hand. A selection of documentaries and shorts rounds out the program. Tickets are $30 for the whole fest, or $10 a screening. For tickets and information, including a complete schedule, visit
Aug. 30-Sept. 1, 2012


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