Music To Our Ears

Colfax Avenue, all 26 miles of it, is home to a wide spectrum of restaurants, shops, live-performance venues, historic landmarks, not-so-historic landmarks and just about everything else you can think of. This week, more than twenty of those locations -- including the Fillmore Auditorium, the Satire Lounge, X-Bar and Charlie's Bar and Grill -- will play host to the Upper Colfax Root 40 Music Festival.

Chris Daniels of the University of Colorado Denver's College of Art and Media is collaborating with the Colfax Business Improvement District and Colorado Music Business Organization to bring a seven-day lineup of tune-infused events to local music enthusiasts. The fest begins today and runs through Saturday, April 28.

"It's really to showcase the wonderfully talented artists that we have here in Colorado and all of the venues and bars that support such local acts," Daniels says. "We want to bring attention to all of the venues, and the Colorado music scene in general."

Most events are free; for a complete list of events and more information, visit
April 22-28, 2012


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