Mystery Improv Theater 3000

Local troupes help raise funds for a future festival.
Thurs, 7/28

"We felt like the Denver improv community was a bit fragmented," comments Linda Klein, founding member of the local improvisational comedy troupe A.C.E. "We wanted to bring it together because there are a lot of fun and great things happening here, and we wanted to acknowledge that." With this goal in mind, Klein and the other members of A.C.E, as well as several other D-town veterans of the improvisational arts, decided to launch the Denver Improv Festival. Premiering in October, the festival will be a two-day improv extravaganza, featuring shows and workshops in an environment in which long- and short-form troupes from around the country can bump elbows with a bevy of homegrown talent. But before the festival comes the fundraising. Tonight at the Bovine Metropolis Theatre, 1527 Champa Street, Denver improv groups Monkey's Uncle, the Traveling Susans and Playback West will perform at 7:30 p.m. to raise money for the festival. "Denver's got such a good improv scene," says Monkey's Uncle director Howard Semones. "We're just happy to help spread the word." Tickets, $10, are available at the door. For more information, call 303-758-4722. -- Adam Cayton-Holland


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