Nightmare lodgings: Five films that will make you want to stay home for the holidays

Nightmare lodgings: Five films that will make you want to stay home for the holidays

Sleeping away from home is scary. Hotels hotels, motels and other temporary sleeping arrangements can be full of bed bugs, meth residue and sketchy-ass neighbors -- and when you step out of real life and into the world of horror movies, you can add murderous ghosts, zombies and psychotic clerks to that list (okay, you might encouter that one in real life, too). This Tuesday, December 3, Theresa Mercado's Cruel Autumn series will show Motel Hell, a classic tale of roadside lodging gone horribly wrong, at Crash 45. To get you in the spirit -- or in case you come away from the film wanting even more stories of overnight stays gone so, so wrong -- we've compiled a list of five of the worst away-from-home sleeping options ever documented in the medium of film. If these don't make you want to stay with the in-laws when you travel this holiday season, nothing will. (Warning: Clips may be NSFW.)

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5) Hostel

Many a young American has dreamed of a backpacking expedition across Europe, full of exotic locales and sexy people to frolic with while enjoying said locales. It's a wonderful plan -- so long as you avoid the infamous Eastern European murder hostels, where rich people from across the world come to carve up unsuspecting young shitheads who just wanted to get laid and sleep in a nice, cheap, youth-friendly location. Pro tip: if you go somewhere where poverty is the rule and life is cheap, be aware that someone might decide to buy yours so they can end it. Well, at least that's a possibility if you're in an Eli Roth movie, anyway.

4) Dead and Breakfast

When you roll into an out-of-the-way bed and breakfast in the boonies of Texas, usually all you have to watch out for is the occasional chainsaw-wielding cannibal. Every once in a while, though, things get even worse, and you end up staying at a B-and-B staffed by a guardian of ancient evil, and then naturally you awaken that evil, which turns out to cause a zombie outbreak. Oops! The good news is that it's a musical, so at least you'll be murdered and dismembered to catchy tunes.

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