Not Just for Meatheads
Derek Rippe

Not Just for Meatheads

FRI, 10/14

Heeeeeeey, girlfriend. Trying to land a man in Denver but don't seem to be having any luck? Well, don't waste your time squeezing into clothing three times too small for you. And forget about trying to cook that hombre a delicious meal. The way to a guy's heart in this city is not through his stomach, but through the Broncos. Sit down and watch a Broncos game with your fella, engage him in intelligent, informed conversation about football, and honey, that man is yours. He might even be so impressed that he'll start pining for you, and then it will be your turn to ignore him. (And thus the sick Courting Dance of the Humans twirls on.)

The NFL 101 Workshop for Women, today from 4 to 10 Invesco Field, will help educate you on the fundamentals of football. For $85, you and your fellow participants will learn terms and strategies from coaches and players, tour the stadium, enjoy cocktails and hors d'oeuvre, and hopefully acquire a whole new appreciation for John Elway (beyond reliable quality automobiles, that is). For registration and information, go to -- Adam Cayton-Holland


NFL 101 Workshop for Women

Hurricane Lanes
SAT, 10/15

You've had plenty of chances to help out the victims of the Gulf Coast hurricanes, but if you're still looking, try today's Pro Players Association's Bowl for the Big Easy charity event at Bowl-ero, 5480 West Alameda Boulevard in Lakewood. Lanes will be greased and ready for the 1 p.m. start time, and the competition will be punctuated by a chance to bid on an array of memorabilia during a live auction at 5 p.m.

A $100 donation gets you in and allows you to team up with -- or roll against -- the stars, including former Broncos greats Ron Egloff and Gene Mingo and other former and current athletes from the world of pro sports.

For information, call 720-327-9207, or visit to register. -- Cub Buenning

Get Outside
Extreme Adventures calls to women.
MON, 10/17

Women with outdoor inclinations above and beyond the usual hike through the woods are invited to Get Off and Get Wet and Wild with some of the world's top extreme women athletes. Learn more about what it's like to run for eight hours straight or swim the English Channel during Extreme Adventures for Women, a two-part event hosted by REI that features a raft of inspiring gals. Crash over the first rapid tonight from 6 to 9 p.m. with pro mountain biker/ Olympic athlete Alison Dunlap; Xterra pro/triathlete Kelly Reed; ultra runner Lisa Goldsmith; and mountain climber Deanne Buck. The second program, with extreme kayaker Sari Chwalk, endurance swimmer Voni Oerman, adventure racer/pro cyclist Julie Hudetz and ultra runner Diane VanDeren, takes place at the same time Monday, October 24.

Admission is $15 to $20 per program and benefits the Women's Wilderness Institute. Programs are at the REI flagship store, 1416 Platte Street. For reservations, go to; for details, go to index.html. -- Susan Froyd


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