Not-So-Private Dancers

Flash mobs are groups of people coordinated through the Internet who meet in public, do unusual things and then disperse like nothing happened, making the event appear magical to onlookers. Today, on the busiest shopping day of the year, the magic will have a festive feel in Cherry Creek North with the Black Friday Silent Dance Party.

“We’re asking that people wear as much black as they can since it’s Black Friday,” says organizer Rick Gold. “Download the mix from the website, show up, and you’re good to go.” The idea is for everyone involved to dance to the same music in their headphones at the same time, but for spectators to hear nothing.

“The main goal is to have fun,” says Gold. “I’ve always seen people out shopping on Black Friday, and there are mobs of people; you hear of people getting trampled at various stores. This is the opposite of that. We want to show people that weirdness and utter, pointless fun can happen anytime, anywhere.”

It all goes down today from noon to 12:30 p.m. in front of the Apple Store in the Cherry Creek Shopping Center. For info and to download the free music mix to your MP3 player, go to
Fri., Nov. 26, noon, 2010


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