Off the Wall

As Dea Webb of Plastic Chapel almost sadly notes, the six graffiti artists included in Deep Freeze: Adjust the Thermostat — an exhibit opening tonight at Webb's SoBo collectible-toy shop — may soon be too big for her tiny hole-in-the-wall. That's because all six of them — Biff Baxter, Jason Brunson, Carter Gilliss, Kuaze, Chucho and D. Ross "Scribe" — are included in DF: Idiots on Parade, a new book from Shake It, Ink, that chronicles the "legal and illegal creations" of the DF graffiti crew, a collaborative venture of artists across the nation. The Deep Freeze six, Webb implies, could soon be catching up to Dalek, the best-known member of the crew.

In the meantime, they're still underground, and Webb's got 'em. The show continues at Plastic Chapel, 8 West Ellsworth Avenue, through December 31. For more information, call 303-667-6246 or go to
June 1-30


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