The second Wednesday of each month, there will be blood (and guts and gruesome mutilations and murder) at See You Next Wednesday: Slasher, Splatter and Horror Flicks at Bindery | Space. Hosted by Josh Hartwell, a local theater geek and horror fanatic, the once-a-month series will feature classic films, free beer and popcorn and a chance to win prizes for your vast source of trivial horror knowledge. It’s a great opportunity for old-school horror fans to revisit the classics and for burgeoning fans to educate themselves in the company of fellow travelers.

“We’re going to really be exploring the slasher/splatter genre, the really gory ones,” says Julie Rada, artistic director of the Lida Project. “We do the trivia and watch the film, and everybody kind of hangs out. We talk about horror-film geekiness afterward.”

This month’s selection is the all-time classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre, so polish up your knowledge of Leatherface, Grandpa and the rest of the hellish hillbilly clan if you want to take home some prizes.

The evening starts at 7 p.m. with trivia and discussion; the film starts at 8. It happens at Bindery | Space, 2180 Stout Street; admission is $5 and includes all the cheap beer and popcorn you can enjoy while watching hillbillies dismember hippie kids. For more info, call 720-221-3821 or e-mail lida@lida.org.
Second Wednesday of every month, 8 p.m., 2010


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