Oh, the Horror

Death comes in many forms, so it seems like naming one form for each letter of the alphabet would be child’s play. Or, in the case of The ABCs of Death, an excuse to gather 26 rising stars of the horror genre and give each of them five minutes and one letter to tell a tale of terror. It doesn’t sound like much time — and it isn’t — but as classic horror short stories from Edgar Allan Poe to Stephen King show, scares often work best in small doses. And when they don’t, well, the ultra-short format is plenty forgiving.

“What’s awesome about it is that each film is five minutes or shorter. If you’re bored or annoyed with it, just wait a second and it will change to something else,” says Keith Garcia, programming manager for the Denver Film Society.

Of course, that shouldn’t be a problem considering the directors on hand, a multinational lineup of horror’s up-and-comers including Ti West, Jason Eisener, Noboru Iguchi and Nacho Vigalondo. “If you’ve been watching horror films, from mainstream to actually good, culty stuff, you’ll know the directors in this compilation,” Garcia says.

The ABCs of Death opens tonight at the Sie FilmCenter, 2510 East Colfax Avenue. Tickets are $10, $7 for DFS members. For more information, including showtimes, visit www.denverfilm.org.
March 8-14, 2013


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