One Day, Seven Seas

Avast, me hearties! Once again, it be time to strap on yer peg leg, dust off yer eye patch an’ practice yer sea walk, for today be International Talk Like a Pirate Day, the day when landlubbers channel their inner sea scoundrel. And the Sunken Bones Society — who talk like pirates year-round — are celebratin’ in style with their second annual Buccaneer Bash.

The Bash be includin’ all a pirate’s favorite things — grog, wenches, pirate songs, games, vendors, trivia and more (includin’ a costume contest, so be sure an’ wear your pirate finest). Sunken Bones will also be hostin’ a charity auction, an’ proceeds benefit the restoration of the clipper ship Cutty Sark. An’ since Sunken Bones be a pendin’ 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, donations be tax deductible!

The Bash be startin’ at 6 p.m. an’ costin’ $10 in advance an’ $15 at the door, so hurry up an’ visit to get yer tickets. If ye want to volunteer an’ help out with the Bash, e-mail Yaaaaaaarrr!!!
Fri., Sept. 19, 6 p.m., 2008


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