One-Man Circus

With Screw Tooth, Adam Stone doesn’t do theater like anyone else. It’s almost as if he were a step ahead of your expectations, off and running to the next thing before anyone gets a chance to catch up. And even when he takes a baby step — as he will with 2GD2B4G-10 (short for “Too Good to Be Forgotten”), a show billed as a “half-integer” presentation in his resident season at Buntport Theater — things still shoot out into the stratosphere in the space of a wink.

Stone says the short-run, one-man performance is like an “inverted version” of his previous show, the character-rich multimedia blowout Some Kind of Fun, a work in which more than a dozen characters wove individual stories at random in a clockwork set. Working off a script he co-wrote with New York author Chessy Normile, the new piece starts with an idea — that we use social media and technology to control how others see us — that then transitions into something more stripped down and very different in style.

“You know how camera phones create a kind of instant nostalgia when you take a photo, put it on and everyone looks at it together? Or the notion that when someone posts an album of photos, you tend to spend more time on the specific ones that include you? This piece is definitely a reaction to Some Kind of Fun, and it’s literally just one character talking alongside a world of sound and video,” Stone explains. “It’s a museum exhibition he’s created of himself.” Among its devices will be a projection behind the audience of Stone on stage, so he can check out and adjust his own performance in real time; he’ll also have special audience members joining in via Skype on computer screens.

Screw Tooth’s 2GD2B4G-10 opens tonight at 8 p.m. for a two-weekend run of four performances at Buntport, 717 Lipan Street; for tickets, $10, visit
Fridays, Saturdays, 8 p.m. Starts: Dec. 13. Continues through Dec. 21, 2013


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