Ones, Twos and Threes

The Sliding Door Gallery (3563 Walnut Street, 720-979-4448) is a newish co-op that was launched this past summer. The members include a number of former Pirates and Edge-sters, along with a smattering of others who are new to the local art biz. There are eighteen members in all, with openings left for a few more.

The current show is the first to be presented in Sliding Door's new digs, the former space of Studio Aiello, which closed at the end of 2005. Titled Ones, Twos and Threes, it's a solo devoted to recent work by Eric Havelock-Bailie, a photographer's photographer. Havelock-Bailie is the latest in a chain of Denver artists who dropped out of the scene years ago and are now making comebacks. This alone makes the exhibit a must-see -- if only to satisfy curiosity about what he's has been up to all these years.

Havelock-Bailie's latest efforts are based on Polaroid photos that were scanned into a computer, then made into digitized enlargements with a high-quality printer. In this way, the four-inch-square images are turned into twenty-inch-square ones. With all of this high-tech hocus-pocus, can you still call them Polaroids, as Havelock-Bailie does?


Ones, Twos and Threes

The title of the show refers to the presentation of the digitized Polaroids as single shots, diptychs and triptychs -- or ones, twos and threes. The distinction between the three types is hard to discern, however, because Havelock-Bailie has created a continuous installment in which the show snakes its way through the front and back bays. The resulting exhibition is extremely elegant -- and the perfect vehicle to establish a presence for the emerging co-op while re-establishing Havelock-Bailie's reputation.

On one level, the work is autobiographical. In the "Dynamite" series (detail at right), Havelock-Bailie records various conceptual street signs installed in and around his old home town of Amarillo, Texas. The signs were commissioned by eccentric kazillionaire Stanley Marsh 3, owner of the famous Cadillac Ranch, which is the subject of another Havelock-Bailie series.

Ones, Twos and Threes, at the Sliding Door Gallery's new space, runs through January 28.


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