Open question: Do you love the rodeo or hate it?

Not his favorite part of the rodeo. What is yours?
Not his favorite part of the rodeo. What is yours?

Do you know why the bucking broncos and bulls buck? Well, it depends on: Who. You. Ask. One thing's for sure, though: The rodeo is as woven into the fabric of Western culture as just about anything.

With the National Western Stock Show back for another year in Denver, we're taking stock: What's your favorite part of the rodeo? Or, obviously, why do you think the rodeo is an anachronistic display or just plain cruel to animals? This week, this is your thread.

To get you in the correct frame of mind, here's a video of the Madison Square Garden invitational, the freshest video posted to the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) YouTube channel, which features sports cliches interjected among rodeo highlights by a cowboy-hat-wearing R. Lee Ermey.

(The best comment gets a gold star, or whatever else we might have lying around the newsroom.)

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