Aw, nuts!
Aw, nuts!

Our Commercial Culture: Big Rock Gets Nutragious

Who doesn't love puns? Here's a commercial that banks on the obvious answer to that question: Nobody doesn't love puns. Everyone loves puns. If you disagree, then you simply haven't found the right pun yet. It will come to you, don't worry. Perhaps that perfect pun is just around the corner.

We'll give it to Big Rock for trying, but they could have done so much better had they upped the ante a bit. There is so much fertile ground for puns involving male genitals that they really dropped their balls on this one. They could have sold not only nuts, but sacks for to carry the nuts. Duh? And why not balls too? Across the globe, there's a huge market for balls. And sacks to keep those balls in while not in use. Nutraja could have an emporium of nut-related items, and their business would no doubt bring in loads of cash. And the rest are inappropriate. You get the idea.

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