"Pink Diva," by Jherico, will be on display in Beyond 
    the Rainbow.
"Pink Diva," by Jherico, will be on display in Beyond the Rainbow.

Painting the Town Proud

Dorothy and Toto wistfully daydreamed about going over the rainbow, but The Other Side Arts gallery and Denver boutique Macho Sissy are focused on a much more purposeful destination as they present Beyond the Rainbow: A Multimedia, Multicultural, Multisexual Art Show, opening Friday, June 13. The event is part of Pride month.

"We want to go beyond the stereotypes," says Other Side Arts founder and president Jeff Ball. "We hope to go beyond what the rainbow typically means in the GLBT community and have a showing of some of the underserved artists in the Denver community."

Ball is also one of the founders of Macho Sissy, a boutique brimming with locally handcrafted merchandise that's got as much sass as the store's name -- for example, a T-shirt sporting a satirical "John Queer" logo, complete with a pair of coupling deer.


Beyond the Rainbow

June 13-July 6
The Other Side Arts, 1644 Platte Street
All ages, free
303-561-3000, www.machosissy.com
O pening reception, 7-11 p.m. Friday, June 13

"There will be mediums, cultures and sexes of all types," he says. "There will be drag-queen art, transgendered art. We're leaving it wide open, so to speak."

Although pride is the event's primary theme, Ball hopes that people from all walks of life will participate. "It is not intended for just a gay audience,"he says. "We really hope this show will bridge that gap. It will definitely be a gay-themed show, and you'll be able to tell when you're there, but hopefully it won't feel intimidating."

The multimedia exhibit will include a variety of pieces from Larry Wagner, Jherico, Danny Pickett and Tracy Weil and will feature original electroclash-styled tunes by XOIS and an acoustic performance from Josh Novak. In addition, DJs Zac and Peter B. will be on hand to throw down beats.

"We don't want to limit or censor any of the art," explains Ball. "We will have music and dancers; we expect everything from politically oriented work to landscape photography."

"This show caters to anybody who is curious about art," he adds. "We hope we can expose people to the GLBT art community, get our artists some exposure and, of course, have some fun."


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