Partin g Glances

Ivar and Karen Zeile hail from Salt Lake City, but in 2001 they opened a gallery in Denver that was originally called Cordell Taylor and is now known as Plus. Despite leaving Utah behind, the Zeiles have maintained relationships with many of the artists from their old home town. One of those is Jean Arnold, whose exhibition, Onrush, opens April 24 at Plus.

Arnold is an abstractionist, but she bases her compositions on the views she glimpses from the windows of her car or those of buses as she travels across the American West. She has written that she “invents ambiguous scenes and spaces — accumulating miles of space and time into one image.” In so doing, she hopes to reconcile “complexity, speed, and fragmentation.”

Fans of art history may notice that this same idea motivated the work of the Italian futurists, and it turns out that Arnold studied for a while in Italy. Her show, which runs through May 29, gets under way with a reception from 6 to 9 p.m. April 24 at Plus, 2501 Larimer Street. For more information, call 303-296-0927 or log on to
Wednesdays-Saturdays. Starts: April 23. Continues through May 29, 2009


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