Party On the Fringe

The new partnership between the dance company Control Group and the LIDA Project theater troupe at the spanking-new Laundry on Lawrence might not make a ripple in the mainstream cultural world, but it does suggest an auspicious team-up on the alternative plane, especially in Denver, where fringe-y performance isn't the norm. And that's why their leaders (Control Group's Patrick Mueller and LIDA's Brian Freeland) want to celebrate -- just when you've run out of Thanksgiving civility and feel the need to party hearty. Auspicious, indeed.

"The big thing is that it's an opportunity for us to commingle both companies and both audiences," Freeland explains. "LIDA had its first show here earlier in the fall; we basically did the opening and the production on the same night. This is a much better time to walk through and really see the facility, to look a little bit deeper. It'll also give Patrick and me a chance to talk about how each company plans to use the space both independently and together." To get folks excited about the merger, both companies will present a sampler of upcoming works; as for the party, Freeland notes, "We'll have things to wet your whistle." Could there be a more perfect excuse to escape the unfriendly confines of home and mall?

Raise the roof with Control Group and LIDA tonight from 7 p.m. to midnight; admission is free. The Laundry is at 2701 Lawrence Street; find details at or look up the Facebook event page.
Sat., Nov. 26, 7 p.m.-midnight, 2011


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