Past and Present

Now that the renovated Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art is back up and open and rockin’ and rollin,’ the institution’s ARTcore education wing will instigate a summer-long "Then & Now" Series of monthly talks that compare and contrast art movements from different periods. “The series is designed to make people feel more comfortable around contemporary art,” says BMoCA adult-education coordinator Sarah Kinn. “We’re taking things people are familiar with from art history — for instance, Michelangelo’s David; everyone knows what he looks like — and asking, how do we get from there to Claes Oldenburg’s ‘Giant Hamburger’?”

On June 24, artist Randy Brown takes on “The Anthropology of Conceptualism” for his debut lecture, juxtaposing the arts and culture of 1909 and 2009 and exploring that hundred-year divide through visual and historical aids; BMoCA curator Kathy Andrews steps up in July to examine “producer/director” artists who leave the execution of their concepts to others. “When Does Street Art Land on Main Street?” and “Social Art” round out the series in August and September; Kinn says further explorations could be down the pike if the first four are successes.

“Then and Now” lectures begin at 7 p.m. at BMoCA, 1750 13th Street, Boulder; admission is $5. Log on to or call 303-443-2122 for details.
Wed., June 24, 7 p.m.; Thu., July 23, 7 p.m.; Thu., Aug. 27, 7 p.m.; Thu., Sept. 3, 7 p.m., 2009


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