@Pictureplane: Keeping it weird for the sake of being weird

When he's not crashing somewhere in Denver (he's a former resident of the DIY venue/house Rhinoceropolis), this weirdo jet-setter is all over the country (and Europe too!) performing his otherworldly jams. But beyond his musicianship, Pictureplane is also a prolific tweeter, sharing all of his inner musings and interactions with strange people he comes across on the road. In honor on of the release of his Thee Physical, which hits virtual record store shelves today, we thought we would highlight the eccentric Denver artist's lovable tweets.

@Pictureplane: Keeping it weird for the sake of being weird

That your dad is cool? If one of our parents unexpectedly bought us a pentagram necklace, we would think, well, there's a lot we don't know about dear old dad. But whatever it is that we don't know must make him pretty cool. And into Satan and/or tacky jewelry. Either way, its a winning situation.

@Pictureplane: Keeping it weird for the sake of being weird

People often assume that because we're from Colorado, we enjoy skiing and horseback riding and we care about the Broncos. The truth is none of that applies to us at all, and we feel the same way Pictureplane does if we are ever forced to ride a horse -- it should be immediately followed by a beer. Or five.

@Pictureplane: Keeping it weird for the sake of being weird

We can't say that happens to us everyday. These are the kind of tweets that make us insanely jealous of Mr. Plane's crazy, MTV Beach House lifestyle. Hey, speaking of MTV and houses, Westword recently got a first hand Cribs-style look at Pictureplane's once-home, now hangout, Rhinoceropolis. If you've never ventured into the discreet and infamous Denver showspace and home, now is the time!

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