Poetry Shout-Outs

Hosted and facilitated by -- and dedicated to -- female poets, the Women of the World Poetry Slam keeps close to its gender roots. Sponsored by Poetry Slam, Inc., the competition is in its fifth year, but its first in Denver.

"You have to put in a bid like it's the Olympics or something," says Suzi Q. Smith, one of the event organizers. Last year, Denver's initial offer to host was shut down, which made local poets "twice as excited when we were approved to host such a huge event for female poets in 2012."

Denver underwent an extensive vetting process to guarantee that its slam scene was healthy enough and its marketing capabilities savvy enough to host the competition, which runs today through March 10. Selected in large part because of its two nationally competitive slam teams (Slam Nuba is the reigning national champion), the city is moving toward potentially hosting even larger events, including the National Poetry Slam.

"We'll see where this takes us," Smith says. "We're going to do this in style."

The first twelve eligible poets to enter the Last Chance Slam tonight will compete for the final spot on Women of the World's 2012 roster. The bout begins at the Mercury Cafe, 2199 California Street, at 8 p.m.; tickets are $5. For more information, call 303-294-9281 or visit www.wow.poetryslam.com.
March 7-10, 2012


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