Presenting the winners of the John Carpenter poster contest

Presenting the winners of the John Carpenter poster contest

We've peed our pants many a time, but by far our fondest memory of it was when we peed our pants during John Carpenter's Halloween (other memories: not so fond). JK, we've never peed our pants in our entire lives, but seriously, John Carpenter is one of the best horror directors out there -- and we're not the only nerds who think so: We got a slew of entries in our comment contest to win a poster for The Ward, Carpenter's latest, signed by the man himself. And while it was a tough decision, we've picked our winners. Could one be you? Find out below...

Without further ado (we don't really "do" ado),

From Dominic:

Demons= gore, glowing eyes, 80's soundtrack

From Jake Taylor:

Halloween - Outdoors, Camping, Undying, Gore, Boobs

From Jeremy Williard:

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me --> Creepiest shit I've ever seen...

From Brandon Young:

Dawn of the Dead (original): Duh...

From Tfuglei:

Black Christmas--The Original Slasher

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Congratulations, all -- check your email for instructions on how to claim your prize.

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