Either way, Donald Trump approves.
Either way, Donald Trump approves.

President Obama is dead? Your moment of lulz

Admittedly, "Obama" and "Osama" are pretty similar names, so you can understand slipping up a little -- the big difference, really, is that one of them normally gets "president" in front of it, while the other is followed by "bin laden." Also, the former would probably be unlikely to declare himself dead, so when you hear a phrase like, "President Obama speaking from the East Room of the White House, telling the nation and the world that President Obama is in fact dead," it's a tad confusing. Then again, when that phrase comes from an outlet like Fox News, maybe a little pop psychology is in order.

We don't know who you are or what you do what you do, people who apparently spend time filming your time filming your TV with camera-phones, but God bless you. The only sad part is that you didn't capture the part five seconds later when, in other news, he commented that his co-anchor had "really nice tits -- I mean, uh, budget cuts."


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