Q&A: Danny Davis, Dew Tour Superpipe champ

I know you're more than just a pipe jock and have a lot of other stuff going on as a snowboarder. What else are you looking forward to this season besides all these big contests?

I just started filming with Absinthe Films, and we're planning an Alaska trip. I love getting in the helicopter and just finding natural stuff to do, looking for good lines, building jumps in the backcountry. Otherwise I'm just trying to stay healthy all season. It's been three years since I've made it through a season without having surgery. Staying healthy would be so nice.

Alright, last question: What's the story behind the new beard?

I just started growing it and then Kevin Pearce wanted to make a bet, to see how long I could go. We're planning a little vacation over to Europe and he said he'd buy my ticket if I can grow out the beard until the U.S. Open in March. If I don't, I've got to buy his ticket. But it's a sucker's bet: I've always wanted to grow out a burly beard anyway. If I can get on that Olympic team I intend to be the shaggiest looking dude the Olympics have ever seen.  

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