Quantum Leap
Ethan Wenberg

Quantum Leap

THURS, 4/14

Adventurous gallery curator Simon Zalkind of the Mizel Center for Arts and Culture will throw Denver an aesthetic curveball tonight with Whispers of Contradiction, a site-specific, collaborative electronic-art installation created by multimedia artist Brian DeLevie of the University of Colorado at Denver and local quantum physicist D.S. Oakley.

Be prepared to wander inside the work and find yourself encased in an electronic mélange of sonic fields and textural and iconographic imagery. Science, art and religion collide in the celestial meeting of minds; its intent, DeLevie says, is to "look at the contradictions and overlaps of religion and quantum physics." He hopes it will be both challenging and cogitative: "We don't set out to answer the question. Rather, we tried to create a space where people can contemplate the question."

Take the plunge from 5 to 8 p.m. in the Singer Gallery, located in the Robert E. Loup Jewish Community Center, 350 South Dahlia Street. The show stays up through June 6; for more information, call 303-316-6360 or visit www.mizelcenter.org. -- Susan Froyd

Speak Up
SUN, 4/17

The Dalton Trumbo Fountain stands on the University of Colorado's Boulder campus, a reminder that our right to free speech is as critical today as it was more than fifty years ago, when screenwriter Trumbo, a CU alum, stood up to Senator Joe McCarthy -- and paid the price by becoming blacklisted in Hollywood. Trumbo's hilarious non-cooperative session with the House Un-American Activities Committee is reenacted in Trumbo: Red, White & Blacklisted, a play stitched together by his son, Christopher Trumbo, from Trumbo's letters, and first staged last fall by the Curious Theatre Company. Chip Walton's crew is taking its show on the road for a special performance tonight at 7:30 p.m. in CU's Glenn Miller Ballroom; Christopher Trumbo will also speak. Tickets are $30 each ($10 for students) and benefit the CU Conference on World Affairs; for reservations, go to the conference website at www.colorado.edu/cwa. -- Patricia Calhoun

Change Up
Local rappers flex their skillz.
FRI, 4/15

Most people attending a hip-hop show don't care where the money for their ticket goes; they're content to merely pay to watch an artist perform. But next time you plunk down $75 to see 50 Cent, think about where that cash is going: fancy rims, Cristal, yet another "G" in G-G-G G Unit. Is that really how you want to spend your dough?

Didn't think so.

Hip Hop for Nicaragua is a better choice. True, the groups performing don't have 50's acclaim, but local talent Debajo del Agua, Prana, Ideal Ideologies, the Pirate Sygnl and DJs Thought and Awhat know how to rock the mike. And they aim to bring it tonight at 8 p.m. at Round Midnight, 1005 Pearl Street in Boulder. Proceeds from the $7 minimum donation will go to Engineers Without Borders Nicaragua. A group of seven University of Colorado students will take part in the project, traveling to Jalapa, Nicaragua, to assist in the development of environmentally sustainable water programs.

Hip-hop for a cause: What a concept.

For more information, call Round Midnight at 303-442-2176. -- Adam Cayton-Holland


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