Quick on the Draw

Improv meets art tonight at Epic Brewing’s Draw Off, where five teams of local comic artists — Denver Drink & Draw, Squid Works, DEAD Academy, Red Team Go! and Team Wildcard (consisting of last-minute competitors from the audience) — will compete in a live drawing competition on themes suggested by the audience.

“Most artists are always stuck in a studio, drawing by themselves and listening to music,” notes Drink & Draw team member Lonnie Allen, who says that in addition to being a good reason to rub elbows with the cartoonist community, the on-the-spot contest format is way more interesting than the live painting you see at clubs, as well as a great drawing exercise for the artists. Time limits and lightning rounds make things even more fun, he adds, and after the show, Epic will auction off the artworks to benefit Denver Drink and Draw and the Colorado Brewers Guild. Past events have yielded such winners as a punk-rock Cyclops on a unicycle, a panda and Mel Gibson eating sushi, and a giant robot singing karaoke.

And then there are the brews: “Beer is good, and they’ll be giving some of it away for free,” Allen says. “Plus, it’s a good opportunity to watch artists make fools of themselves.”

The Draw Off runs from 7 to 10 p.m. at Epic, 3001 Walnut Street, and it’s free to cheer and jeer or even join the fray. Visit the event’s Facebook page for details.
Thu., March 27, 7-10 p.m., 2014


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