Raise the Roof

Decades ago, the gold miners who frequented the Gold Coin Saloon, 120 Main Street in Central City, would throw coins at the wooden-plank ceiling. Those were the days before life insurance, and miners knew that the coins that stuck in the ceiling’s cracks would be used to help support their families — or the families of their miner friends — should something happen to them.

Although those days are a part of history, the Gold Coin (which today also houses the Easy Street Casino) still invites patrons to throw money at the ceiling. The cash that sticks is collected once a year and donated to a local Gilpin County charity. But here’s the fun part: The Easy Street Casino management matches the money donated to charity dollar for dollar and throws a free, open-bar karaoke party in honor of the local laborers of Central City and the gold miners who started the tradition. The Bringing Down the Ceiling Karaoke Party starts tonight at 8 p.m.; book a room and stick around tomorrow for the town’s Lou Bunch Day. Call 303-582-5914.
Fri., June 20, 8 p.m., 2008


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