Andy Kelso and Mamie Parris in Wicked.
Andy Kelso and Mamie Parris in Wicked.

Reader: Andy Kelso is a superstar in Wicked

Wicked will end its run in Denver on May 20, and when the touring show goes, Colorado native Andy Kelso, who plays Fiyero, the hedonistic prince who becomes the third point in a love triangle with the two leading ladies, will go with it.

"The Buell is where I first saw my big 'Broadway' shows," Kelso told Show and Tell, "so to play the theater is a dream come true."

And seeing Kelso on that stage is a thrill for the audience, too, says Guest:

Andy is not a star ... but a superstar. He has done a lot to Wicked . I would be very glad to see him in upcoming shows.

There's still a chance to see Wicked. Find ticket information here.

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