Reader: Art museum directors must wear multiple hats

Reader: Art museum directors must wear multiple hats

Open for Design , a new exhibit at the Denver Art Museum, has given power to the people. A community challenge asked citizens to create visual models showing how they would improve their neighborhoods, and the result was an abundance of design ideas -- some serious, many whimsical and all of them well-conceived.

Smart move by the museum, says kshoaib27:

Art museums directors wear multiple hats. They must be both managers and scholars, and be able to appreciate and speak capably about art while also cultivating relationships with donors, staff and board members. Succeeding as director of an art museum, no matter how large or small the institution, requires diverse talents and a high level of commitment to the arts.

Creativity helps, too -- and this show proves that Denver residents have plenty of it. See their work here, or in person at the DAM through September 2.


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