Reader: Attachment parenting creates crybabies

Reader: Attachment parenting creates crybabies

Time magazine started the whole thing, with a cover that featured a toddler smirking like a teenager while latched onto his mother's breast. The cover story, on attachment parenting, inspired a response from both Westword writer Jef Otte, who thinks attachment parenting sucks, and local comic Andrew Orvedahl, who doesn't. The two faced off first on the web, where they argued attachment parenting, and then in person on Sunday night.

A big crowd gathered at Vine Street Pub for this installment of Arguments & Grievances, a regular comedy gathering, that featured a hastily organized segment on attachment parenting.

The argument can be summed up easily, says Beercrabs:

Who wants to deal with a crybaby for the rest of its sorry life....

See the video of the attachment parenting debate here. (A preview: Otte won.)

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