Reader: Bob Dylan didn't deserve a Medal of Freedom

Reader: Bob Dylan didn't deserve a Medal of Freedom

When Bob Dylan picked up his Medal of Freedom last week, he was wearing a Rockmount Ranch Wear shirt. Steve Weil, president of the Denver-based company, recognized the model -- and says Dylan is a long-time fan of the snap-button shirts.

But while Dylan's fashion sense may be above reproach, one reader has real concerns about that medal pinned on the shirt:

Says Ben Barr:

A guy who becomes famous for anti-war protest songs. Same guy accepts a fucking "freedom" medal from a war-mongering president, who is taking away freedoms. Well I guess he can wear whatever the hell he wants to...

What do you think of Barr's comment? Of Dylan's career? Post your thoughts in the comments section below. And read more about Rockmount here, in a memorial to founder Jack A. Weil.

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