Reader: Cancelling a contest is no way for Colorado Mills to celebrate women

October was supposed to be the month of Celebrating Women at Colorado Mills, but a few women felt distinctly dissed after the mall decided not to name a winner in the "Week of a Woman" photo contest. After covering the kick-off Wellness Expo at Colorado Mills, Bree Davies had entered the contest -- only to learn late last week that it was cancelled because of a lack of interest.

And that interested GrumpyPhotographer, who'd also entered:

Yeah, was wondering why I never heard back, LAME. At least kick us a bone for trying to participate! It's the promoter's fault, not the artists involved. I'm glad they at least informed you that it was cancelled, because I been lost, waiting, wondering who may have won!

There's one more day in October, but it looks like Colorado Mills is done celebrating women for now -- although its Facebook page is advertising a chance to win a trip to the Miss America pageant in Las Vegas in January. Given how this contest ended, though, don't start polishing your tiara too soon.


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