Reader: I adore the demon horse!

Reader: I adore the demon horse!

Is it time for "Mustang" to turn its back on Denver? Next Monday, Denver's most loved -- and loathed -- piece of public art will mark its fifth birthday. And according to Denver policy, after a piece has been in place for five years, the city will consider requests that it be moved -- as we reported in last week's cover story. But over the last five years, has "Mustang" stampeded into a permanent place in Denver's heart?

That's what many readers think.

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Says miguelalidaddy:

For what it is worth, I adore the demon horse. It is a terrific homage to our cowboy identity, as well as a slight homage to the Roy Rogers replica (Thunder) atop the South Stands of Mile High Stadium. "Mustang" is a beautiful piece of artwork (and I say that as a person who holds a Master's in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Film Directing). I'm not trying to be a snob, but I just want it noted that someone with a Master's in the Arts loves this sculpture.

How do you feel about "Mustang"? Do you love it or loathe it? Vote in our public poll!


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