The agony.
The agony.

Reader: I challenge you to step up into a REAL pair of heels

You can't win 'em all, as Philly baseball manager Cornelius McGillicuddy once observed. And while I usually do in fact win 'em all, that aphorism proved true for even me yesterday, when I failed to win the Running of the Gays for a second time -- a defeat made all the more crushing by how much shit I talked beforehand. Even then, though, commenter Misha Leonard (who, incidentally, was one of the runners-up to me in last year's race -- bitter much, Misha?) wasn't buying it, and her comments here provide an uncanny harbinger for what was to come.

I don't think Jef Otte understands the concept of "high" heels !

I challenge you to step up into a REAL pair of heels this time , not that mambi-pambi "kitten" heel bullshit ( which , incidentally , you only had one on your foot , when you hobbled your way to the finish line!)

. . . Cute pic of you , by the way , I didn't notice as I had left you IN THE DUST , while wearing my 4 inch tall maryjanes .

Since you're such a fan of the Rocky movies just remember what Burgess Meredith said: "Catch the chicken! . . . but can you do it in a set of (REAL) heels ?

p.s. maybe your photog should get OUT front this time !

I'm going to give you credit for some of this, Misha, but let's just be clear about one thing. Last year, it was I who left you in the dust, and while that may not have been the case this year, there's always next time. Watch your back, maryjanes.


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