Not Bree.
Not Bree.

Reader: I will never apologize for my audible flatulence

After intermittent bouts with alcoholism and diet pills, Bree Davies has channeled her addictive personality into a somewhat less unhealthy obsession: yoga. That's the subject of her latest edition of Breeality Bites, wherein she acknowledges that it comes with the side effect of trying to compete with grandmothers but denies that she farted -- which, no offense, Bree, I kind of doubt -- and also wonders, what are YOU addicted to? For me personally, it's meth (note: that's only half true). For reader bspycle, it's bikes. And maybe farting.

i'm addicted to riding bikes, which has a side-effect of flicking people off and cussing loudly at traffic. But I will never apologize for my audible flatulence.

Me neither, dude. Me neither.

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