Reader: If you're buying drinks, an event isn't really free

Reader: If you're buying drinks, an event isn't really free

Every Monday, as a companion piece to her weekend 10 for $10, Robin Edwards rounds up 3 for Free -- three free events you can enjoy during the week. Yesterday, for example, she touted tonight's screening of Frankenhooker at Crash 45, as well as Drag Queen Bingo at Hamburger Mary's on Wednesday and the 13 Lumens Candle Art Show at The MacSpa on Thursday.

But one reader took issue with her selections.

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Says Jeremy:

Events aren't really free if you suggest buying drinks and food there.

Upcoming Events

They are if you refrain from buying food and drinks -- or candles, in the case of the MacSpa party. Admission is definitely free to all of these events, and there's no pesky two-drink minimum charge to watch the entertainment. And we promise that all three will be very entertaining.

Have other favorite free activities in town? Post your thoughts below.

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