Reader: If Zak Bagans were a douche, would he adopt a deaf dog?

Reader: If Zak Bagans were a douche, would he adopt a deaf dog?

Fans of Zak Bagans jumped to his defense after Tiffany Fitzgerald suggested that the Ghost Adventures host didn't act very professional in last Friday night's segment, which featured several Denver landmarks -- including the Peabody Mansion, the Tivoli and Phil Goodstein.

"Phil Goodstein is a goddamn national treasure," she wrote, making it clear that she does not think the same of Bagans.

But Bagans's fans say that Fitzgerald is the one who was acting unprofessional.

Says one:

If that guy is a "Goddamn national treasure" As you say...I feel very VERY sorry for the city of Denver.. Or should I say more so for yourself because your standards for that title are EXTREMELY low. He was a fkkin weirdo.

And Amber writes:

You have NO RIGHT to call someone a douche, have you see zak's kind heart of adopting a dog from shelter who is deaf?

Have you seen a picture of him stopping to pet a homeless guys dog? No, so you're being a stupid asshole, I just HOPE zak sees this and calls your editor or some shit and you get fired.

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Not a ghost of a chance of that....Read more spirited comments about the Ghost Adventures host here.

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