Reader: Mayhem at the Mayhem Festival deserves a big sentence

Eric Swanson after the Mayhem Festival.
Eric Swanson after the Mayhem Festival.

There was real mayhem at the 2010 Mayhem Festival, with one man facing a long prison term for his role in the fracas. "It was like getting socked in the gut," Eric Swanson says of learning that he could spend 48 years in prison.

Except that he could actually be sentenced to more than sixty.

Says youknow:

So he has been arrested again and again, " habitually " one might say but for some reason this time it is supposed to be different? What do we have to wait for this guy to really hurt someone, oh wait, HE DID. Sounds to me like one of the few times the law might work.

Are the charges fair? Should mosh pits be outlawed at certain venues? Post your thoughts below, or join the conversation already under way here, where you can read the original story.

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