Reader: More sh*t people from Denver say

Reader: More sh*t people from Denver say

In Internet time, the "shit people say" videos really peaked last month -- but we never came across one that really captured the phrases and idioms of Denver.

So we made one. But apparently we missed some of the shit people say:

Writes JMAC:

Here are a few more.

" The music scene here is one of the best, if not the best in the country. did you know 3oh3 is from here? and The Flobots, The Fray, String Cheese Incident, Pretty Lights, Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Breathe Carolina, and so many more I can't even think right now." "The Capital dome is pure gold, cool huh?" "Colfax is the longest running street in America" "Whew, you live in five points? yea that's pretty dangerous, there are black people down there" "Did you know Don Cheadle went to East High School?" "Oh yea, Cheesman Park is totally a gay cruising spot, wanna see it?" "Yeah, I did know some people who went to Columbine" "NATIVE"

How could we have forgotten "native"? What other shit do people in Denver say? Check out other suggestions here.

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