Reader: My love for Catwoman should make me a Dark Knight VIP

The Dark Knight Rises officially opens at midnight tomorrow. Buy a ticket to Premiere to Remember, though, and you can see the movie a full four-and-a-half hours earlier, at the United Artists Colorado Center 9 -- and then go to an after-party at Dave and Buster's.

And if you win our contest, you could go as a VIP! Anyone with a ticket to the event is eligible to win an upgrade worth $90, which gets you a stylist appointment before the red carpet so that you'll be looking your very best as you head into the theater, as well as exclusive seating and a bigger and better swag bag.

Here's how you enter: Post a comment here by 5 p.m. today naming your favorite Batman villain (in any film or comic book) -- and tell us why that villain is your favorite. We'll select a winner from the comments, and announce it tomorrow morning.

In the meantime, here's an entree from Islandgato:

I love Catwoman! I admire anyone that can wear the cat suit. You know, Lycra and Spandex is a privilege -- not a right.

Who's your favorite villain? If you're entering the contest to become a Villain Important Person, post it here; if you just want to share, tell us below.


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